Wednesday, September 7, 2011

We Went to Karazhan

I spent most of my Burning Crusade days in three different places: Shattrah, Arena and Karazhan. Ahh...good times. I've been missing Karazhan lately and I personally think that Karazhan should be brought back at some point. I love the environment, the mystique and...well...basically everything about Karazhan! So I dragged my good friend Reala with me to say hello to Moroes, Netherspite and that good ol' Prince Malchezaar. 

And of course, since I'm such a screenshot nerd, I let the screenshots do the talking for me.

We got stuck at the kid's table. With no noms. UNACCEPTABLE.

We found some nice refreshments later though. *hic*
Reala didn't really get along with the other undead in the castle.

We gave the audience a stunning performance!
Yet...they didn't seem to like it. Probably because we survived.

Down with the Prince! Hah! Oh yeah, just so you know, we own this castle from now on. GTFO our lawn!

And we ended our visit with some nice R&R.


  1. Love that place, it's so... homey somehow. Although it's really totally creepy with demons behind bookshelves and stuff

  2. It is quite homey indeed. My favorite raid zone. And yeah, that bloody demon behind the bookshelf...he never dropped the staff for my druid...I hate him. DAAMN YOOUU TERESTIANNNN!