Thursday, May 19, 2011

Diary of a Warlock alt - Silverpine Forest

Just finished questing in Silverpine Forest and I have to say that it was a really great place quest in! I love what Blizzard's done with the place! The quests were great, the "storyline" in Silverpine was great and I had a very good time questing in there. My favourite bit was when you got to run around with Lord Godfrey and his companions and just burn down houses, heh. And I did jump in my chair going "Whaaaaaa!?!?" when (SPOILARZ) Lord Godfrey shoots Lady Sylvanas, actually killing her. She was ressed by her new servants, the Val'kyrs, who sacrificied themselves to resurrect Sylvanas. Totally cool.

Oh well, now it's onwards to Hillsbrad!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Went with the warlock.

I've finally decided which one of my alts to level up first! I couldn't choose between the rogue and and the shaman so I chose the warlock. Plain and simple. And logical. Almost.

Warlocks are really simple to level up, you pretty much just kills everything with a single blow. Not that one shotting mobs is rare these days with everyone (including me) running around with heirlooms. Is it too easy to quest nowadays? Should it be like in vanilla where you wiped on simple quests and spent hours searching for people to do various group quests? Personally, I don't miss it. I do however think that they've made questing far too easy but I think it's got good sides.

Before I leave I have to show you the best conversation ever. Between me and Reala of course. Who else? :3 I'm typing it instead of uploading the screenshot. (CBA)
So basiclly Reala said she'd come online at a certain point the other day. She didn't, and this is our enlightening conversation:

Me: You lied.
Reala: YOU lied!
Me: What's this? I've been online for like three hours soon!
Reala: You said you'd be back by 5!
Me: Noo, 19:00!
Reala: ARSES
Me: But I got back earlier!
Reala: I mean LIES
Reala: YES
Me: Caek?
Reala: Pls
Me: K.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Screenshot of the week - May 15th

A late update to this series since I havn't been able to log in to Blogger for some reason. : (

I'm pretty proud of this one. It's simple, it's beautiful and it's stylistically pure in my opinion. Felt I just had to put it up here!


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Who's next?

I've been in a constant battle with myself today; I havn't been able to choose which of my alts to level up. It's a serious issue. Serious enough for me anyway.

I know that both shamans and rogues are great in level 85. I mean, you just simply can't a kill a friggin' resto shaman and the rogues are just the #1 nuisance in PvP.

So I've fallen in love with both my alts. Help me choose! :3

Stabbity - The...stabby one.
Rhen -The healing Hamburger!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Dedicated to Reala

Me and Reala have been having some very intellectuall conversations the past few days. The main topic's been food. Yeah, food. Don't ask.

However, it's mostly involved me teasing Reala with all of my noms. That's why I dedicate this video to you, Reala. Needless to say, you're the dog and I'm the human. Enjoy!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Screenshot of the week!

Since I love taking screenshots while playing WoW I decided to put my favourite ones up on my blog! Every friday, starting tonight, I will be uploading the screenshots I feel I need to share with someone. Just for the fun of it! If you want to, I'd gladly upload your screenshots on my blog as well, just send them to and I'll see if they are woorthy! =)

I'll start by uploading my absolute favourite one. It's my priest alt kicking a quilboar in the face. Simple, but still awesome!

Maei out.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

"I need a weapon." - Master Chief

Finally! Since I hit 85 on my warrior (well technically since level 81) I've been running around with "Sword of the Bottomless Pit" but I possess something that can actually hurt stuff!

Yeah that's right, finally got my Vicious Gladiator's Greatsword. I would still trade it for Zin'rokh in a heartbeat but still, it's nice to have a weapon you're not embarassed to wield in public (Ooh the looks I had to endure while minding my own business in Valley of Wisdom.) I like the warrior damage! Didn't know we could smack faces this hard!

Feels really good to be back in PvP. I pretty much put PvP on the shelf with the release of Wrath and have been focusing on raiding ever since. Burning Crusade was the PvP era for me. Good times. Back then the classes were (relatively) balanced and I was healing everyone's asses of with my Paladin. Now with the release of Cataclysm I rerolled a hunter to focus on raiding, and happened to join the best guild I've ever been part of. Sadly we disbanded (damn you Rift) and I just felt at a loss. Luckily my friends got me into PvP again and I still keep my contact with most of my former guild members.

Oh! Arathi Basin just popped. Brb!


Sunday, May 1, 2011

Zin'rokh, Destroyer of Hopes

I've never really cared about professions. Every single time I start a new character I'm thinking "Okey, this time I will work hard to keep up with my professions as I level up! Yeah!" and it always ends with me totally ignoring them and finally just dropping them completely.

But it was different with archaeology. This one I actually skilled up to its cap and I'm proud of myself! Finally I raised a profession to full skill! Even though it's a secondary profession it still counts!...for me at least.

So what kept me going? What keeps me going? One answer. One item. One badass sword of ultimate doom. Zin'rokh. I've loved this sword since the first day I laid my eyes on it (like five years ago) and when I heard that it would be obtainable in the new profession launching with Cataclysm I just exploded in a cloud of joy. That joy's gone now. Replaced by despair and me crying in a corner. I've spent more than 100 troll solves for this sword and have yet to find it. Gargh!

I won't give up however. Never will. Well...maybe someday.

Well, back to the farming.

Maei out.