Thursday, May 5, 2011

"I need a weapon." - Master Chief

Finally! Since I hit 85 on my warrior (well technically since level 81) I've been running around with "Sword of the Bottomless Pit" but I possess something that can actually hurt stuff!

Yeah that's right, finally got my Vicious Gladiator's Greatsword. I would still trade it for Zin'rokh in a heartbeat but still, it's nice to have a weapon you're not embarassed to wield in public (Ooh the looks I had to endure while minding my own business in Valley of Wisdom.) I like the warrior damage! Didn't know we could smack faces this hard!

Feels really good to be back in PvP. I pretty much put PvP on the shelf with the release of Wrath and have been focusing on raiding ever since. Burning Crusade was the PvP era for me. Good times. Back then the classes were (relatively) balanced and I was healing everyone's asses of with my Paladin. Now with the release of Cataclysm I rerolled a hunter to focus on raiding, and happened to join the best guild I've ever been part of. Sadly we disbanded (damn you Rift) and I just felt at a loss. Luckily my friends got me into PvP again and I still keep my contact with most of my former guild members.

Oh! Arathi Basin just popped. Brb!



  1. Congratulations on your Viscious sword! I desperately need a weapon on my new 85 Paladin. She's running around with the ilevel 333 from Crucible of Carnage. It's kind of embarrassing!

    I don't PvP all that much, the PvP I do is on my Priest who's been doing 2v2 and 3v3 in Arena - and I quite like keeping my friends up in Battlegrounds. Though they sure make it difficult sometimes - like when they charge into 10 Horde alone.. Sometimes I just want to turn around and run - but no proud Priest could ever do that (besides, there's Shadowmeld..)

  2. Hah! Well at least that sword's slightly better than my old one! Zin'rokh or gtfo!

    Yeah don't you just hate it when we do that?!...oh wait I'm the warrior here.

    I do however have a personal healer with me in most of my battlegrounds! One of my friends just wanted someone to heal with his priest in battlegrounds so I got my warrior up for that one reason. I've been trying to get Reala in to some battlegrounds but I might as well go and try to move a mountain. At least that's easier.

  3. Battlegrounds hit a very fine line between painful and fun - depending on if you group with friends (who know how to play) or end up in a horrible group of people who don't know what they're doing (sadly as Alliance that's the most common setting!)

  4. Yeah totally. I remember seeing the brackets for PvP and PvE a while back. The Alliance was topping the PvE while the Horde was topping the PvP. Why is that? :3

    I do know how it feels. I used to be Alliance and we lost all the time in PvP =(