Sunday, May 1, 2011

Zin'rokh, Destroyer of Hopes

I've never really cared about professions. Every single time I start a new character I'm thinking "Okey, this time I will work hard to keep up with my professions as I level up! Yeah!" and it always ends with me totally ignoring them and finally just dropping them completely.

But it was different with archaeology. This one I actually skilled up to its cap and I'm proud of myself! Finally I raised a profession to full skill! Even though it's a secondary profession it still counts!...for me at least.

So what kept me going? What keeps me going? One answer. One item. One badass sword of ultimate doom. Zin'rokh. I've loved this sword since the first day I laid my eyes on it (like five years ago) and when I heard that it would be obtainable in the new profession launching with Cataclysm I just exploded in a cloud of joy. That joy's gone now. Replaced by despair and me crying in a corner. I've spent more than 100 troll solves for this sword and have yet to find it. Gargh!

I won't give up however. Never will. Well...maybe someday.

Well, back to the farming.

Maei out.


  1. Is it BoE? If so selling all that grey crap will probably net you enough gold to buy it off AH. Eheheheh.

  2. Haha! Nah it binds to account. :) I've actually got like 5k gold from selling all that grey crap! :3

  3. I currently officially hate my brother because he managed to get Zin'rokh and I didn't. Sure, his main is a DK who can actually use it while I only want it for my alts - but still!

    Besides, a Warlock would look totally cool with that thing.. Totally.

  4. Yeah! A guy from my former guild got it on his fourth solve after hitting 450, FOURTH. Hated him ever since. :3 (not really)

    Oh just the thought makes me drool. Stop it! :D