Friday, May 6, 2011

Screenshot of the week!

Since I love taking screenshots while playing WoW I decided to put my favourite ones up on my blog! Every friday, starting tonight, I will be uploading the screenshots I feel I need to share with someone. Just for the fun of it! If you want to, I'd gladly upload your screenshots on my blog as well, just send them to and I'll see if they are woorthy! =)

I'll start by uploading my absolute favourite one. It's my priest alt kicking a quilboar in the face. Simple, but still awesome!

Maei out.


  1. That's an awesome screenshot!

    Also made me smile because the priest's name is the name of my old TBC guild :P

  2. Thanks Saga! I really captured the moment with this one!

    That so? Well I thought it'd be a fitting name for a priest! And "Ascension of Redemption" did have a nice sound to it! :)