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Been having a lot of things on my mind lately when it comes to favorites. What's my favorite game of all time? Who's my favorite protagonist? What game's got the best campaign (imo)? Well I decided to make my mind up once and for all. So after I'd been pondering for a while I came up with some favorites of mine. And here they are:

Favorite Protagonist

Zack Fair
- Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Core
Zack Fair from Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Core is my favorite protagnist of all time. He's everything a good protagonist is: Good hearted, brave, he always goes out of his way to help his friends and always wants to find out about the truth and always does the right thing. He's got a positive personality and his positive spirit makes him one of the most liked protagonists in gaming history, and a definate favorite of mine.

Favorite Antagonist

- Final Fantasy 7, Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Core
Now if there's anyone I'd really want to have as backup in a fight, it's Sephiroth. This mean motherhubber is the most badass, evil, ruthless and generally awesome villain that's ever existed. He's just so cold and somewhat heartless (when it doesn't come to his beloved mother of course.) This guy's so badass that he's got his own theme song! He's also one of few gaming characters that makes fighting with a sword twice as long as a human look sooo easy. Mostly referring to this clip right here:

Favorite Side Character

Simon "Ghost" Riley
- Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
"Ghost" is a side character from the Modern Warfare 2 campaign and he's, for some reason, a very likeable character. I'm not quite certain why he's such a likeable character but from the minute you're teamed up with him, you like him. He's the strong and (somewhat) silent type who never gives up. Not much more to say.

Favorite Female Characters
(May seem sexist but that's not my intention)

Sarah Kerrigan
- Starcraft, Starcraft 2 (Queen of Blades)
Sarah Kerrigan is one of my favorite female characters in gaming, simply because she's really badass. The voice suits her like a glove, and she's got a really cool armor. I'm not entirely sure what else I can say, I just really like her! The fact that she in Starcraft 2 becomes even cooler by becoming the Queen of Blades (sry for spoilers) doesn't really bring her down the list!

Konoko (Mai Hasegawa)
ONI got mentioned as one of my favorite games in the previous post so it shouldn't be a surprise that the game's protagonist is one of my favorite female characters. Konoko is a hotheaded, dedicated character who won't let anything stop her from solving the mystery of her background. Her awesome butt-kicking moves and  great voice acting quickly made her my favorite female character.

Favorite Campaign

The best campaign I've ever played is the campaign from Starcraft 2. It took a long time but eventually I was convinced by my friends to buy this game. The reason I didn't buy it right away, or other games like it, is because I really aren't that good with RTS games. I'm quite decent but not as near as good as most people. I just don't know what it is, I just can't seem to grasp it fully. I'm good enough to be decent, as mentioned, but I will never be a pro RTS player. But enough of that for now.

The campaign in Starcraft 2 is extremely good. I havn't personally played the first Starcraft so I had to do a lot of research on the internet before I tackled Starcraft 2 but I got the hang of the story pretty fast, so it was no problem. The campaign always keeps you on your toes and it's really fun to try and think of different strategies while fighting off the incoming enemy forces with your great walls of Marines (best strategy evur and not at all faceroll =D) and pushing forward. The story is very polished and there's a lot of emotional scenes that really hits you in the heart. If you have a heart. Sorry, Sephiroth, this isn't a game for you.

Favorite Multiplayer 

Halo 3 is still the best multiplayer game. Just sayin'.
There is no better feeling than scoring a high multikill in Halo 3. I personally have "only" gotten a Triple Kill in matchmaking but that was enough for me to go crazy. Luckily for the kids I was playing with I didn't play with my headset on or else their ears would still be bleeding.

Halo 3's got something that Halo: Reach doesn't, yet Reach is a better game. The campaign in Halo: Reach was way better than Halo 3's campaign though, I'll give it that. Still, whenever I get the urge to play some great online multiplayer FPS, Halo 3 is the game of my choice.

Most Relatable Character 

Squall Leonhart
- Final Fantasy 8
The character I think is much like me is Squall Leonhart. He's like me in quite a few catagories but I won't be revealing them here. Go look him up if you're interested! =)

And my favorite game of all time? I have no answer for that question. I like a lot of games, but I have no game that I can say is my favorite. 

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