Sunday, July 3, 2011


Been having some weird urges to go back and play some of my favourite games lately. I can't play my favourite sports game of all time though, NHL 99, because of the whole "this game is way too freakin' old for this computer you muppet" thingy, you know. Even if I'm not that into games like NHL or FIFA, NHL 99 did make it into my "Gaming Hall of Fame" simply because it was the first real computer game that I owned. Simple as that.
Stunning graphics eh? 

 I did sit down and play ONI the other day though. A masterpiece from Bungie. This is a game that suits me perfectly. It's a third-person action game which blended third-person shooting with hand-to-hand combat in a way that's never been seen before. ONI is very influenced by the anime film "Ghost in the Shell" so if you've seen that film, give ONI a try. You'll like it. Totally one of my favourite games even to this day.
Oni Cover
Oni Gameplay

Fable 2 Heroes
The game I'm playing right now, for the 7th time or something, is Fable 2. Now this is just a great game with a humour, charm and storyline I've never encountered before. Lionhead Studios is the mastermind behind this awesome trilogy (if you can call it that) and they never left me disappointed whenever a new Fable game came out. As I just mentioned, Fable consists of three games. They're all linked together (sort of) so it's best to go back and play Fable 1 first if you've never played any of the other newer ones yet. These games lets you do whatever you want to do in a superb way. Do I want to be good or evil? Pure or corrupt? Or just do whatever I want to do without thinking about the consequences?
While all the Fable games are great, Fable 2 is still my favourite. It's got something the other two doesn't have but I can't put my finger on what it is exactly. Now stop reading this crap and go get these games.
Fable 2 Wallpaper


  1. I friggin love Oni! It was revolutionary at the time.

    Oh and just so you all know Maei is an Excellent Provider for me and our Fable child. I'm terrible; I abandoned her in the orphanage and then confused her gender. It's ok though; he'll pay for her therapy later on in life.


  2. Yeah! Oni is great! It's actually from there I took the name "Maei" and started using it for any female characters I created in various games =P I know her (Konoko's) name is "Mai" but it's usually taken of course.

    And don't you think you won't have to pay for that therapy too, Reala!